‘Dustoff Heli Rescue 2’ – Defend, Collect, and Fly!

It seems like every day there’s some sort of a new game coming out on the Nintendo Switch and most of them are quite different. Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 shares that “different” feel too and that’s not a bad thing at all. I was able to get my hands on a copy of the game and from everything I’ve played so far, it’s been great. The game offers plenty for what you’re paying for. Since I’ve been able to get a few hours into the game I thought I would share my experience and overall thoughts of Dustoff Heli Rescue 2.


First Missions and Minutes 

My first few minutes of the game were pretty interesting, to say the least. I wasn’t able to keep my Helicopter above ground for more than 2 seconds before hardly crashing into the surface of the map. This had nothing to actually do with the game, but my misunderstanding of how to actually fly the copter. You can say I’m not one to read the tutorial, more of one to get straight to the gameplay. Besides my inability to fly a helicopter I was able to beat the first couple of missions with a breeze just with a bit of a challenge. Once I got past the first couple of missions it did get rather challenging for me but I was having so much fun. There’s something about the controls and the way the whole game works that makes it just so much fun.


Prepare your Joycons! 

I primarily play Switch games with the Joycons that came with my Nintendo Switch and there are some games that just don’t feel very right either in handheld or TV mode. The folks over at Ratalaika Games did a fantastic job making use of the controls with the Joycons. The “L” and “R” buttons are used for flying left or right and I can’t tell you how great it actually feels to control with those two top buttons because it just feels so natural, especially when you have the Switch in TV mode and have a Joycon in each hand. Learning to control the helicopter is actually pretty easy to control if you read the tutorial of course.

I did find myself wanting to use the touchscreen for this game but that’s one of the things this game lacks and I would have loved to see that integration. Another point I would like to add is HD Rumble; this game doesn’t feature any feedback and that would have been very nice, especially if you hit the ground too hard it gives you feedback or when the enemies are shooting at you; feel feedback. I would have loved to have HD Rumble integration in Dustoff as well. Though it’s lacking those two attributes that I would love to see, it’s not making this game not worth buying.


Price and Other Notable Details 

‘Dustoff Heli Rescue 2’ comes at a pretty great value really; $14.99. With that price, you get 35 missions and 12 various machines that you can improve and play throughout the game. Playing for just an hour or so I think you’ll really get sucked in; at least I did and I have a pretty short attention span. I kept coming back to the game because it’s really one of those games where you can pick it up at any moment and set it down another moment. It doesn’t require very much learning either to get an idea of the game. Speaking of requirements this game doesn’t require an SD card, it’s only 500MB and fits just fine on the Switch’s internal memory unless you’re completely out of space. I thought I should mention that because a lot of the games I’ve bought on the eShop or even physical require a ton of space and you don’t have to worry about that with Dustoff.

Overall, I’ve had a joy playing Dustoff so far and I highly recommend the game to people who love a challenge, quick pick-up games, or even looking for a new game with a twist. I’ll definitely be waiting for a third Dustoff Heli rescue to come out as this one I just had so much fun with.


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