‘Yono: and the Celestial Elephants’ – An Adventure Game with a Switch in mind.

I’m a huge fan of adventure games, especially ones that seem to have an inspiration of Zelda in them; I’m always looking for new ones to play. While the Switch’s catalog of games is still lacking in some departments it’s always interesting to browse the eShop and see what new games have shown up. I came across “Yono and the Celestial Elephants” while browsing through the eShop. At first, I thought it was a little weird to play as an elephant because most games in this category your either a human or some kind of human-like creature. I was able to get a review copy from Neckbolt Games to give the game a go around and here’s an in-depth review of my opinions and thoughts on the game.


Story and Game-mechanics 

Let’s start with the story; for myself to really get attracted to a storyline it has to be quite good. Yono’s storyline is pretty good, there really wasn’t much that stood out to me about the story besides the main character being an Elephant which does add a unique look on things in the game. There are four full towns to check out as you make your way through the game and consists of many people, shops, and several side-quests to keep you busy throughout the game. There are three “main” dungeons that are quite challenging for players who are not familiar with games like Yono. There are many monsters throughout the world of Yono and an end boss at the end of the dungeon. I’ve found that there are lots to explore and do in the world of Yono.

While I was playing I did find myself finding many upgrades and puzzles to solve which keep me playing for hours. I was making my way through the game and realized that the game was almost too generous in giving out hearts though. It seemed like every other jar I was destroying had a heart which is good and bad. Good because if your new to the controls and to “Zelda style” games then that’s great. It’s also bad because there’s not much of a challenge if you know you can find a heart in the next jar. Besides giving out many hearts the enemies are moderately challenging and the puzzles can be quite hard as well which is great. I should also note that there are actually only a few actions your character can do; Dash, spray air or water with your trunk or throwing things onto your back to carry and use.

(In-game footage: Source)

Yono: and the Celestial Elephants was developed by just one person over a few years and just really makes this game special because it’s very rare that you come across a game made by just one person and actually feel like a quality game. If I wouldn’t have known the game wasn’t made by one person it may have made me rethink what I’ve written about this game. Considering it was made by just one person (Niklas Hallin) I’m quite shocked how great the game actually is.


Two Joycons and an Adventure

The Nintendo Switch opens up just so many ways to play games and Yono is no exception. My favorite way of playing is to dock my switch and play it on my TV and play with a Joycon in each hand. I have to say I just couldn’t put this game down. While the game does have a lack of HD rumble which I think would make the game’s experience all the much better I cannot deny how much fun it was to just be able to take the game anyway and just be able to solve puzzles and defeat enemies anywhere I am. The controls are quite simple and easy to control and I don’t have any complaints about them.


Price and Overall Thoughts

Yono is only $14.99 and I believe its a perfect price for a game of so much content. While the game isn’t perfect the price point does reflect what you get and I don’t think you would be upset that you had spent your $15 dollars. While you’re not saving any money buying it on a Switch as it’s the same price on Steam though. While I’ve already got a few hours into the game I have to it’s definitely an indie game to check out on the eShop store as it’s at a good price point and you’ll definitely get some fun out of Yono.