Games I Wish To Come To The Nintendo Switch in 2018

The Nintendo Switch has almost been out for an entire year and its already the fastest selling console in the United States and doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. While it’s selling like hot cakes there’s quite a few games that the growing audience of Switch owners and I would like to see on the Switch especially since there’s quite some game categories that I feel like are missing from the Switch’s catalog of games. I do have some games that I would love to come to the Nintendo Switch sooner than later.

Don’t Starve Together

I’ve also been a big fan of DST, it’s a great game to play alone but an even better game to play with friends. From crating to slaying angry hogs. While there’s a very few open-world adventure games on the Switch this would be a perfect fit on the switch and a use of motion controls or touch screen could definitely make this a perfect match on the switch and even introduce this game to a new audience of players.


I’ve been stuck having to play battle royale games on my PC or on my iPhone it seems to be missing on the Switch. As Fortnite being one of the largest battle royale games behind Player Unknown Battlegrounds being the largest battle royale game on the market. As I doubt Player Unknown Battlegrounds will make it to the Switch anytime soon as it’s now an Xbox exclusive I could see Fornite coming to the Switch. It’s already on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and on PC/Mac its now just missing on the Switch. I could easily see Epic Games bring over Fortnite to the Switch mainly for the portable and cross-play. Imagine Epic Games advertising the the crossplay across all four systems or at least all three considering Sony hasn’t been the nicest with others doing cross-play to their system. Overall I can see this one coming closer to Epic Games releasing the game out of beta.

Fallout 4

Bethseda has already been very supporting of the Nintendo Switch, with the release of Skyrim for the Switch and now DOOM which both had played very well and look surprising well. Since they’ve already been so supportive it would lead many to believe they would port more to the Switch. I do believe they’ll be looking at the data from this holiday season to determine whether they’ll proceed to support the Switch but I do believe that they have one franchise that would be a console seller; that being Fallout 4. This would be massive to have a Fallout game portable not only to mention that but to mention this would be the first Fallout game on a Nintendo console. Bethseda could totally include some of Nintendo’s franchise’s like Mario or Zelda and have special weapons and much more for just buying Fallout 4 on the Nintendo Switch.


Grand Theft Auto V

This one may be a shock or a surprise to you that I would even think of putting Grand Theft Auto on the list but its actually more of a reality than you may think. First of all things, GTA V was released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 way before it was released on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.  According to Wikipedia the Xbox 360 is actually slower than the Nintendo Switch and shouldn’t be too hard for Rockstar Games to port it over to the Switch. Late 2017 Rockstar did release L.A. Norie on the Switch and it played and looked outstanding with minor frame drops. I’m sure they could bring GTA V to the Switch; though I would believe it would to be the worst looking version of the game out of the bunch besides the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. It would also be the first time that Grand Theft Auto V was on a portable system which would be a Switch seller. Though with Nintendo delaying the 64GB cards until 2019 it may be a big problem for Rockstar to bring GTA V to the Switch. Though, there may be some ways that they could still bring it to the Switch without waiting.