Why I Want Nintendo To Bring Their “Classic Games” To iOS

Nintendo is fairly new to making games on iOS. Only was it just a year ago that Nintendo would release their first iOS game; ‘Super Mario Run‘ at Apple’s special event and it sold pretty well. Though Nintendo would say otherwise, they seemed to be expecting more downloads than 30 million. Which makes sense the launch of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, it’s had a total of 15 million downloads and hasn’t even been out for half of the time that Super Mario Run has. Which I know Animal Crossing is big but nowhere as big as the Super Mario franchise. That being said, Nintendo still seems to be full on board bringing at least 2 new games to the iOS platform a year. Which this is going to lead on to why I want Nintendo to bring their much older titles like Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario World, Star Fox, The Legend of Zelda, and many other of their licensed titles to iOS.

(Image via Geek)

The big reason why I want Nintendo to bring some of their retro games to iOS is that we’re getting games like Super Mario Run which has one virtual button and that is to jump or like Animal crossing; were you get a feel for the Animal Crossing series but it’s extremely limited and has many in-app purchases. It’s not that the games aren’t enjoyable it’s that Nintendo is bringing franchises to mobile and not giving the new players an experience that they would have on a 3DS, Nintendo Switch, or even a Super Nintendo. If Nintendo were to bring over a series like Mario Kart and brought it over to iOS with local play with other iPhones for $9.99 or even $14.99 I think the players would get an experience that they’ll cherish with other players alike. Not only have the experience playing a “full” Nintendo but a sense that iOS or even mobile gaming in that way can be fun and enjoyed with yourself or with others. I don’t think Nintendo’s move to making “mobile-friendly” games is bad but I would like to see some older games or even new franchise that makes their way to iOS and make iOS just one more way to enjoy Nintendo games.

Do I think Nintendo will bring their retro games over to iOS? Most likely not, just because Nintendo really values their console/ handheld games and I just don’t see that being a possibility in the next year or so. I could see a few coming over in a few years remastered or ported to be mobile friendly with great controls. Though, that’s probably very far from now. The road Nintendo is taking with mobile games it almost seems like their using the platform to promote their console games rather than make games solely on mobile or simply bringing them over to mobile. I’m very interested to see what they bring to iOS next year.