‘Grid: Autosport’ iOS Review

I’ve been a huge fan of racing games on iOS for two big reasons. Firstly, the controls; whether it’s tilt controls or simply touch, I’ve always felt like I’m in the car and competing against the other drivers. Secondly, you can take the game on the go. You’re not stuck playing on the couch or at your desk. You’re able to play a high-quality racing game anywhere as long as you still have battery left on your device. That being said, ever since I heard Feral Interactive was working on porting a PC/Console quality game over to iOS, my jaw completely dropped. We’ve had many racing games come over to iOS but not one that featured the same quality of graphics that you would see on PC or console nor has all the DLC available with one purchase. We would later find out that this game would be ‘Grid: Autosport’ and it would feature PC and console quality graphics along with the same gameplay and all the DLC that the PC and console game came with. I was completely shocked by this and couldn’t wait to get my hands on this game to try it out for myself.

Months went by and I was finally able to get my hands on this game. Feral had sent me a copy of the game to check out just a few days before they had announced the release date (November 27, 2017). Once I got to try the game for myself, I realized that the game is even more than what I had expected. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting but it definitely wasn’t what I had originally expected. It was so much more than what I was anticipating. The quality of the port, controls, gameplay, and everything else was pitch perfect.



There are over 100 – yes 100 cars to choose from and over 100 circuits you can choose from to race at! You can explore all of the cars and circuits that Grid: Autosport offers right on Feral’s Grid minisite before getting your hands on the game. If that still doesn’t sound impressive, there’s more then a dozen of game modes to chose from. All the way from a Career mode to a custom cup, Time Trial, Championships and many quick racing/custom cup modes as well; like a regular race to Demolition Derby, Time Attack, and several more! It’s hard to describe how the game feels until you get it into your hands. It’s extremely smooth with little frame drops on my iPhone 7 Plus. While driving you really do feel immersed in the gameplay, especially with the haptic feedback, it really makes the experience complete. Though, when you take out your MFi controller like a Gamevice or a Steelseries Nimbus the experience is like your playing on a console. I tried out my Horipad Ulitmate in Grid: Autosport and I was swept away. The controls made this iOS game feel like it was being played on a console. It’s really an experience that you have to try for yourself.


Grid: Autosport is absolutely stunning and I would go and say it’s the best looking game on iOS. Everything looks amazing in the game especially if you download the HD pack. The only thing I’ve noticed is if you select the camera view of inside the car; the inside of the car seems to be very blurry and seems to not be as detailed as the rest of the game. It’s a bit distracting though if you drive the car outside of the interior of the car you’ll be just fine and shouldn’t bother you. Besides that, racing 160 mph and speeding past other cars, the game just really shows the true power of the of the chips in the iPhones and iPads. Though, it also shows just how much developers can really push out on to our smartphones and shows what a fabulous job Feral did.


Supported Devices 

Grid: Autosport is a very demanding game and really shows the true power of iOS devices. This being said there are 11 types of iOS devices that support Grid: Autosport. Your device must also be running iOS 11 or later to be able to Grid: Autosport and have at least 6GB of free space if you want to download the HD pack and extra DLC you’ll need to have at least 8GB of free space. A list of all of the support devices are listed below thanks to Feral.


My Impressions and overall thoughts

If I were to choose a game of the year for iOS it would hands down be Grid: Autosport. You could spend hundreds of hours racing and checking out the 100+ cars that are available. Don’t even get me started with the circuits, their so beautiful and I you could alone spend a couple hundred hours just explore each track and getting used to it. Especially since this game has haptic feedback and controller support it already blows most of the racing games that are on iOS out of the water. With the free DLC that comes with the game once you purchases it from the App Store, it’s almost a no-brainer to go ahead and purchase the mobile version of the game just for that. If Grid: Autosports supports your device and you’re looking for a new game or just love racing games I highly recommend picking this game up when it releases on the App Store tomorrow (November 27th).

Pricing and Availability

Grid: Autosport is now available on the App Store for just $9.99. That’s is a steal of a deal, that includes the game and the DLCs! As for Android, there isn’t a clear date of when it’s release besides later this year on selected Android devices.