5 Gifts That Every iOS Gamer Will Love!

As the Holiday season approaches and the deals start to come in, the iOS gaming side of things typically doesn’t see many deals or new items released in the holiday season. I’m a big believer of being able to play games on the go and I think I’ve came up with a pretty compelling list of items that would make a great gift for an iOS gamer in your family/friend or even yourself.

* Please note: Prices may fluctuate.

Gamevice Controller for iPhone (also available for iPad) – $93.31







I love the Gamevice for iPhone. In fact, it’s one of my favorite accessories for the iPhone. I’ve only used the old Gamevice that had a battery and I’ve heard the new Gamevice’s for iPhone are much better and you no longer have to charge the controller it just relies on the battery in your iPhone. Almost $100 for a controller may sound like a lot for a controller that connects to your phone but it works with hundreds of games and there isn’t another controller like it for the iPhone.


iPhone 7/7+, 8/8+, and 10 2 in 1 Adpater – $8.88










Since Apple’s move away from the headphone jack in the newest iPhone’s and replacing it with just a single lighting connector, Zcqin has made it possible to charge and listen to your games while you play games on your iPhone. This connector is pretty cheap and almost necessary if you or someone you know games on their new iPhone that doesn’t feature a headphone jack.


iPhone 6/6+, 7/7+, 8/8+, Crab Gaming Case – $12.99










I haven’t got a chance to try this case yet, but it has some very special features for gamers. Firstly, it has a built-in kickstand that is deployable on soft and hard surfaces. Perfect for watching a video or even kicking back with a Bluetooth controller and playing a match of Team Deathmatch with your friends. Secondly, it has “Enhanced palm grip” which should allow for you to game for a longer period of time instead of your fingers hurting in pain for playing for too long.


IOGEAR 16,000mAh Portable Charger – $32.99






I’ve been using this portable charger for the last year it has been the best and most reliable portable charger I’ve ever owned. I rarely find myself killing the battery on this thing. You can charge your device multiple times on a single charge (depending on your device). It also charges your devices extremely quick using the 2.1A port. If your thinking of a portable battery this should be your number one choice. It’s pretty cheap, reliable, and holds a ton of charge.


Steelseries Nimbus Gaming Controller – $42.95










For the last item, I had to pick another controller because this controller is just so great. It has a feel of a Playstation controller and an amazing build. It connects to your iPhone using Bluetooth so this controller would also work on an Apple TV and a Mac if you have one. It’s cheaper than a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controller so it’s a no-brainer to go out and get this controller. Plus it comes in Black or white!