Dirt Rally is coming to Mac Later this Year!

Mac has had a really great line up of games this year and there are still many more games to come from what it seems like. Feral Interactive brought F1 2017  to the Mac App Store and Steam this year which many Mac gamers loved and Dirt Rally will be no different I’m sure of it. Dirt Rally will feature Apple’s all-new Metal 2 API which allows for better performance and better details on a lower spec Mac and F1 2017 had integrated Apple’s Metal API which is still advanced, but Feral has taken advantage of Apple’s new API for a new experience. Dirt Rally will be available on the Steam Store for $59.99, the Mac App Store for $44.99, and on the Feral Store.

Dirt Rally has over 45 cars to choose from, whether it be from the 1980s (O yea!) all the way to present day. It allows for 4+ game modes! Which some of them are, Championship where you race through challenging rallies and earn credits to upgrade your vehicle.  Next being, Rally Events where you race your opponent and get to point-to-point until the race is over. There’s also online matches and much more! Dirt Rally is also cross-platform which means you can play with anyone that has the Steam version whether they’re on Mac, Linux, or even Windows.

Feral Interactive has not released the system requirements for Dirt Rally just yet and we can expect to see them once the game comes close to a release. That being said though, any Mac from late 2011 and below will not be able to play Dirt Rally since it uses the Metal API and Metal is not supported on Macs that were released from 2011 and earlier. Though, I would imagine most Macs from 2013 (possibly 2012) will be able to play Dirt Rally. Though, keep in mind these are just my speculations.

If you want to learn more about Dirt Rally or even want to check out Feral’s awesome minisite click here.