Should You Upgrade to High Sierra and What are the Benefits to Upgrading if You’re a Mac Gamer?

I’ve gotten multiple questions whether you should update to High Sierra on your Mac and what are the benefits to upgrading if you “game” on your Mac? I felt like it would make perfect sense to write an article about these questions.

Should You Upgrade?

Assuming that your Mac is supported by High Sierra I totally would if your Mac runs Sierra really well. If your Mac is struggling to run Sierra I highly do not recommend upgrading to High Sierra, since it’s adding, even more, features and would most likely lower the performance of your Mac. Besides one thing, if your Mac has support for Metal (Check for support here) and if your Mac has an SSD which you can check here. If your Mac has support for Metal the overall performance of the animations in macOS High Sierra will be a lot smoother and less “laggy.” Which may seem to give your Mac a smoother feel to it. If your Mac has an SSD, with macOS Sierra it integrates a new file system called “Apple File System” which the easiest way to explain it is; a faster and much more modern file system which will take system applications less time to open. If your Mac has both or even one of those things I listed, I would recommend upgrading to High Sierra. If your Mac does not, then I would probably stay away from it unless you want the other new features that come with High Sierra.

What are the Benefits of Upgrading for Gaming on Your Mac?

To be honest, there really isn’t a benefit to upgrading to High Sierra. The same experience you felt with Sierra you’ll feel with High Sierra unless if you have an e-GPU or a VR headset. With macOS High Sierra, Apple has added support for their new API “Metal 2” which adds support for e-GPU‘s and VR headsets which allows gamers and developers to use more graphics horsepower and virtual reality content on their supported Mac. Which is really big for the Mac operating system and for the gamers and developers that use macOS.