View a new experince of Therealtechie on Twitch!

I’ve always been a fan of live streaming for many reasons. Just one reason is, I get to connect with other fellow gamers that enjoy the same games as I do and I find that very satisfying. I find it even more satisfying when I’m streaming games on my iPhone, viewers hop into the stream and share their thoughts and opinions on the game or just simply come onto the stream to chat.

Now, this isn’t about how much I like to stream games and interact with viewers on Twitch; it’s to tell you a bit about my Twitch channel. The past month I’ve been streaming on Twitch and showing off the new iOS games and streaming Finder Friday’s well, every Friday and everyone seems to really be liking them. So, I’m kicking it up into “high gear” and integrating Therealtechie’s Twitch channel, even more to this site and to give you a better visual and a more in-depth view of the games that are posted here, but in a video format. I don’t typically stream the same games so you can expect something different every stream. As for a schedule, I’m typically pretty bad of when and what we’re streaming but I like to have a stream every day of an iOS game and every Friday’s are Finder Friday’s. I tend to post future events for live streams on the Twitch channel’s feed and on Twitter. I hope to see you on a future live stream!

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