Discord for Apple Gamers!

I’ve looked around the internet for a good place for all Apple gamers to meet up and chat, but I cannot seem to find any besides some subreddits that are just Mac gaming or iOS gaming and their either very unorganized or just simply are very great. So, Mr.MacRight and I have set out to make the perfect Discord for all Apple gamers alike. We’ve got channels for Mac Gaming, iOS Gaming, discounts, and even channels for support, and much more! If you’re not sure what a ‘Discord’ is, it’s basically a massive server with chat rooms and voice rooms where you can interact with others. The best part is Discord is free so you do not have to pay a single penny to join the Apple Gaming Discord.

I also host events on the Discord which are called “Finder Friday“. Which to simplify the event it is we gather every Friday and play a Mac game together. The main “goal” for Finder Friday is to find new games, find new friends, and make it where everyone can play the games together. We’ve played games like Unturned, Team Fortress 2, Paladins, and many more! We’re always looking to expand to new games. I’m also looking forward to adding a new event around iOS gaming to widen the events and get even more gamers to hop into the fun!

I really hope you can join us in the Apple Gaming Discord with the other 600+ members already in the Discord and are happy to welcome you on in!