‘Chicken Jump’ – Tap, Jump, Tap, Jump.

Recently I went scrolling through the Apple TV App Store (which I rarely do these days) and I came across “Chicken Jump“, which is an endless runner with a nice twist to it. Instead of turning sharp corners and running away from evil monkeys you’re jumping as high as you can in the middle of the road with a friend to avoid firetrucks, cars, buses, and a whole lot more. Did you catch what I said there? “with a friend” Yep, that’s correct you can actually play with another player on your Apple TV and you can see who can avoid the most vehicles in the street. This mode makes the game even more remote crushing than ever before. Just please for Apple’s sake don’t crush the Siri remote because you lost to your friend.

Here’s a short video showing off some of the gameplay in Chicken Jump.

Can’t see the video? Click here!