Gladiator Heroes Updated With AR

Genera Mobile just updated their game ‘Gladiator Heroes‘ with support for augmented reality using Apple’s ARKit. This update brings a new “immersive” experience to the game that allows you to battle in the arena on any flat surface. This is one of the very few games to come out, using Apple’s ARKit which is really big considering iOS 11 hasn’t even been released yet. I played around with the AR feature in Gladiator Heroes and I have to say it’s pretty good actually. It could be much better, but for what it’s worth it’s really great considering that they were able to get the update out before the release of iOS 11 and be one of the first games to use Apple’s new ARKit API. Here’s a short video of me playing around with the augmented arena experience (I know I suck at the game).

Can’t see the video? Click here.