Makers of ‘Journey’ are Working on ‘Sky’ for iOS & tvOS

During Apple’s Special September Event, That Game Company showed off their all new fantasy game ‘Sky’ on the brand new Apple TV 4K. While this wasn’t a big show stopper, it did catch my eyes for many reasons. First thing is, ‘Sky’ will be an iOS/tvOS exclusive game this Winter. Which if you ever saw an Apple exclusive game, they typically do pretty well and the quality of those games are extremely high. Sky doesn’t feel any different than some of the other Apple exclusive games that have come out in the past years. Though I do see a lot of potential in Sky as it focuses on playing with multiple people and the gameplay is much different than most of the games that are on the App Store. Secondly, the graphics in Sky look marvelous! Just by the demo during the Apple event that; That Game Company showed off you can tell by the details in the clouds and the ground, of the amazing work that has already been implemented in the game.

While we won’t see ‘Sky’ for a few more months, I would assume that we would see more teasers and trailers in the very near future. That Game Company has been known for releasing exceptional games in the past like their more recent game ‘Journey‘ which looked and played superbly well on PlayStation 3 and 4. They’ve also won many, many, many, awards for their games and I would expect ‘Sky’ to deliver even more awards to That Game Company’s collection of awards. While we’re waiting for the release of the game later this year,  check out the video below. The video is an official trailer for Sky and you’ll get just a sneak peek of what’s to come this Winter.