Is the Apple TV 4K a Console Killer?

Today, Apple released the new installment of the Apple TV product line; they’re calling it “Apple TV 4K.” Which is Apple’s way of bringing 4K HDR to their TV set box. The new Apple TV is rocking an A10X Fusion chip which is the same ship that is in the current iPad Pros. Which if you own an iPad Pro or even have just played around with one in an Apple Store you know that the iPad Pros are extremely fast and very capable of gaming and day-to-day use. Since the Apple TV is rocking a this very powerful chip and can power HDR 4K content and ‘Sky’ (one of the games Apple showed off during their keynote) there’s some potential this could be a slowly but eventually console for many gamers.

(That Game Company – Sky)

As you may or may not know the Apple TV’s App Store is seriously lacking in games not to even mention there’s hardly a “triple A” game to be released for the Apple TV. Though, this ‘Speical Event’ gave me more hope for the Apple TV. With the Metal 2 API, being announced the last WWDC it introduced even better performance and effects for games that are developed with it. Metal (1) was on the standard 4th generation Apple TV’s OS, but we hardly saw any games, though with 4K HDR, much faster hardware, and Metal 2 it gives me all the more hope that we’ll see a whole lot more games coming to the Apple TV very soon.

While I don’t think the Apple TV is going to kill any of the current consoles like Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or even the Nintendo Switch; it will definitely put a large hole in the entertainment side of things for those consoles. I don’t see a lot of games coming to the Apple TV, but I do think we’ll see a lot more unique and games that really show off the power of the Apple TV. Games like “Sky” are a perfect example of the power that the Apple TV has and we’ll just have to see what’s in store for us in the coming months.

  • James Hurley

    Sky is definitely a beautiful looking game and I’m excited to get it. I’m skeptical about Apple becoming a gaming powerhouse on console/TV though. They haven’t done a good job of focusing on that in the past, even though all of their technology could basically make an amazing console.

    Metal as an API is pretty good, however most game developers won’t touch it if they’re using 3rd party engines such as Unity or Unreal. Some will, but it would be another backend to their existing rendering pipeline. So I’m not convinced the existence of Metal alone is enough to move AAA devs. Especially since DX12 and Vulkan (the spiritual successor to OpenGL) are also things that exist with basically the same design philosophy as Metal.

    • Hey, James! Thanks for reading the article, really appreciate it! Totally agree with your point. The Apple TV could be an amazing console, but with things like the remote, it really is hard to ‘game’ unless you buy a 3rd party controller which is just another step to gaming on mobile. I do think Metal is the step in the right direction, though I’ve heard from many developers it’s still very hard to develop games with it.

      Right now, my Apple TV is still my entertainment console and I hardly play any games on it. Really hope to see some great games come to the ATV. Only time will tell…..

    • jay

      Apples’ in-house team and proprietary hardware will eventually surpass consoles.

  • jay

    I can’t find any comparison videos/articles/anything about Apple TV 4k or iPad Pros Vs. Consoles.

    Anyone find a comparison or know how Apple’s A11x chip fares compared to consoles?

    • I’m sure we’ll find some video once the Apple TV is released to consumers. Thanks for reading!