AR Arcade Survival Game – powARdup

The release of iOS 11 is coming very soon and along with iOS 11, ARKit allows developers to easily develop for AR apps/games on our iOS devices (shown off at the World Wide Developers Conference 2017). AR is definitely one of those things where when you start using it out in public, it’s a shocker to a lot of people especially people who haven’t tried or even seen AR technology before. I’ll sure they’ve at least heard of AR; a very popular AR game: Pokemon Go. Though, there’s an upcoming game “powARdup” made by @GlennCorpes.

This is a game about surviving while driving in a car. You use the dot in the middle of the screen to control your car by moving your phone around a surface and the car will follow. The build that I’m currently using is a very early build and doesn’t have things like sounds, replay camera; in fact, Glenn says this “The version you should now have is from a few days ago. No sound and no replay camera mode as we’re still figuring out how to present that to the player. The game is pretty basic. The difficulty doesn’t ramp up properly and there are only three types of ‘wave’ in this demo, there will be hundreds. It shows the basic principles of the gameplay though.” Glenn is very right, with playing around with powARdup for 3 minutes I was already hooked and wanted to show everyone around me what this upcoming AR game is and every single one wanted the game on their phone.

PowARdup is just one example of how well ARkit can be implemented and shows the power of just a beta game can have on a gamer like me. With in a few minutes, I wanted to get my hands on the next version of the game and wanted to try everything AR. You’ll most likely see a lot more AR games coming in the very near future and I can tell you right now I’m extremely excited to see what’s in store.