Splitter Critters – Using Apple’s ARKit to Bring the Game to Life

Earlier this week we got a sneak peak at RAC7’s game, Splitter Critters. Which was being played on an iPhone using ARKit. Which is Apple’s API for developers who are developing for AR. We’ve already seen many developers make use of ARKit and show some really outstanding things with it. @jesseringrose one of RAC7’s staff showed off some gameplay of Splitter Critters using ARKit to bring the game to life. They actually used a table to show off how the game plays. In the video (view video below), it looks like the game was being played on a box, though what if I told you that the box was virtual? Yep, that’s right. The box is actually part of the game that makes it seem like it’s on some sort of the surface so it’s easier to play on and bring a unique look at games using ARKit.

Splitter Critters is currently available on the App Store for $2.99,which doesn’t support AR since iOS 11 hasn’t released yet with ARKit and Apple hasn’t allowed developers to send their iOS 11 apps/games just yet. Jesse nor RAC7 hasn’t confirmed a date when the AR version will be released but I assume it will be soonly after iOS 11 release.