Forward Assault – The Unfinished Shooter

The maker of ‘Bullet Force‘ has delivered another first-person shooter to the App Store. It’s called Forward Assualt; it’s a Counter Strike type game with the objective being to either plant the bomb and wait for it to explode on one of the three points or kill the other team (There’s also Team Deathmatch). I wasn’t a huge fan of Bullet Force because it was extremely pay-to-win and the maps seemed very dull after a while. I was expecting quite a bit from Foward Assault being that Bullet Force did pretty well and it got hyped up. As soon as I saw the game was released on the App Store I instantly downloaded it to see what it was about. Need less to say I’m fairly disappointed.

When I first launched the game up I instantly saw what seemed like the Bullet Force main menu with a few tweaks.  The shops were exactly the same and offered the same $4.99 as the lowest in-app purchase for 500 coins as in Bullet Force. Along with that, the loadout tab is almost identical to Bullet Force as well. This isn’t a Bullet Force vs. Forward Assault but what I’m trying to point out is that a lot of the same UI, textures, etc are used in both games. Which there’s nothing wrong with that but what I’m going to point out really makes it feel like a rushed and unfinished game.

While playing Foward Assualt I noticed a few things. Firstly, the map ‘Bars’ is a total wreck, with many of the items looking like they were just placed there without a meaning. Some parts of the map you can see out side of the play zone and many parts of the maps you can just tell aren’t finished. This actually is for a lot of the maps in Foward Assault and not just one map. Lesser, the game’s sound and even some of the buttons just don’t look like a game that should be on the App Store. It really feels like it should still be in beta. I’ve also heard issues from many people whether it’s their in-app purchase didn’t give them any coins or even in my case, it said I created an account and then I try to sign in and completely fails.

Though, I can’t hate on the game too much. It’s very pleasurable to play and I spent a couple hours just sitting and playing the game. In fact, I even play it on Twitch. Though, with all of the things, I pointed out it’s very hard to recommend playing the game to anyone right now. Though, I’m sure with a few updates the game will be up to Bullet Force’s standards.

  • MelonRap (Alejandro)

    the maps especially make this game feel its in early access, due to the huge amount of demand to take this game out of the TestFlight