Finder Friday – An Event for Mac Gamers

Hello, Mac Gamers!

Mr.MacRight and I have been working on a really sweet Discord channel just for Mac Gamers all alike. When we made the Discord server we had one main goal; connect Mac Gamers together. It’s been a few months since we’ve opened the Discord to the public and now I would like to introduce something new to not just the Discord but this site as well.

We’re calling it ‘Finder Friday’. What exactly is Finder Friday?  It’s where every Friday I’ll hop on with a bunch of the other Discord members and play a selected Mac game for that Friday (Join our Steam group join in on the fun!). Finder Friday isn’t just about playing games. It’s all about finding new friends, games, and experience in all types of games. We select games that are free-to-play, supported on most Macs, and allows for Mac gamers to play the games every Friday and not have to worry about their specs and the prices of games. Voice chatting is not required though it does make communicating much better.

Along with playing with other Mac gamers on Finder Friday, I’ll also be streaming on to let other Mac gamers watch if they would not like to join in on the fun or simply cannot make it one night. I really hope you join us on this Friday or even the Friday after.