Top 5 Upcoming iOS Games of 2017

2017 has been a truly great year for not just iOS gaming but mobile gaming as a whole. New mobile devices are coming out with more powerful tech than ever before. This tech makes the games we play look even better than the games we played on our mobile devices a few months back. Every day there seems to be a new ‘upcoming game’ that is either different or took the concept from one game and perfected it. Though, I’ve seen a large amount of ‘upcoming games’ stay in the beta phase for months and even years. These games I’ve listed below, I believe they’ll have a ton of potential and you’ll see them on the charts of the App Store for months. So, here’s my list of the top five upcoming iOS games.

Pig Bang – Closed for Testing (iOS)

“Looking for a dynamic Mobile Online Arena Shooter that fits in the palm of your hand and isn’t a boar? Want a fun, fast-paced online action with friends where the servers don’t turn to hogwash? Introducing Pig Bang! Build, shoot, and command troops using convenient, seamless controls and watch battles unfold in glorious Unity-designed graphics.If you’re not playing today, you’re bacon a mistake!”


Forces of Freedom – Testing Open (May be stuck on a waiting list)

This is actually one of my all time favorite upcoming iOS games ever. Why? Well, if the video wasn’t clear enough; the people over at BRAVOCOMPANY are very dedicated to bringing you the best shooter to mobile. If you haven’t had a chance to play it yet; you’re missing out. Every update there’s something new and something that wants you to keep you on your feet and keep playing until you get that perfect headshot.

Guns Royale – Testing Open

“is an online 16 person PvP battle royale built from the ground up for iOS. Guns Royale features bite-sized competitive matches where the player starts with nothing. Players will have to race to scrounge for weapons and gear to have a hope of being the last man standing. Winning will require tactical strategy, technical ability and a wee bit of lucky gear finding.”


Paladin Strike – Testing Open (Long Waiting List)

“Become a legend and master more than 15 different Champions. Battle with your friends using high-powered guns and casting MOBA-like abilities in real-time, 5v5 combat. It’s your favorite hero shooter, perfected for mobile.”

Mayhem: Multiplayer Arena Shooter – Testing Open 

“War, humanity, mother nature. The world is a deformed scrapyard of metal, sewage and fire. Two military organizations survive, controlling the last remaining nuclear facilities and hoard what’s left of the world’s energy resources. They fight for resources, attacking each other’s nuclear reactor sites in order to knock out the last standing energy grids.”