My Experience with GeForce Now on Mac

I got an invitation to Nvidia’s new beta program for GeForce Now (for Mac); which allows you to play games over the cloud using Nvidia’s servers. There are other services that have done this before and have been successful and not so successful…. Some services like OnLive were bought out and then soonly after shut down. They were all paid services and GeForce now is no different.

With GeForce Now, you can only play games that you either own from Steam or Which sucks because you already pay for the service then you have to pay for the games as well. Services like OnLive allowed you to play any game just as long as you paid for the subscription, which as you could guess was really awesome. But you can think of GeForce now like, Xbox Live or Playstation Plus; where you get the online features for a price and you still have to pay for games. This isn’t a big deal breaker but, I would love to see Nvidia just charge a bit extra and users receive the games to play each month instead of paying for each game.

(Gameplay using GeForce Now)

Now you may wonder what games are actually supported? Well, GeForce Now is still in Beta for Mac and there’s a small catalog of games that consist of games like Fallout, Borderlands, Total War: Warhammer, and some other games. I’m sure Nvidia will increase their catalog of supported games. The very small catalog of games I could play, the experience was impressively perfect. I wasn’t expecting any input lag at all. I had some frames drop here and there but that may have been due to the multiple applications I had open. I was able to max the graphics on every game that I was playing and it was at a steady 60FPS. Which if you ask me is completely a new experience, since if I were to play those games on my Mac I would get a couple FPS. I didn’t get to try any of the games with a controller so I can’t tell you how it felt with a controller though, I can tell you that the service was impressive for being in beta still.

Even though GeForce Now is still in beta, the price of the beta is completely free unless you don’t own any of the supported games. Nvidia hasn’t announced the price of GeForce Now but we can assume that the service will cost about around eight dollars since the Nvidia shield’s GeForce Now service is only $7.99. If you think that’s expensive think about this, you’ll spend that exactly money on Netflix or something equivalent.

(What GeForce Now Launcher Looks like on Mac)

If you own a Mac and would like to try GeForce Now for yourself click/tap here. I would keep in mind that this is still a beta and if you experience any issues with the service that’s why.