The Best Ways to Optimize your Mac for Gaming

Macs are probably not the firs thing you think of when you think about gaming, but there’s a lot of Mac computers out there and there’s a lot of people who play games on their Mac. I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of Mac gamers out there that don’t know how to optimize their Mac for its full performance while gaming. So, I’ve come up with some ways you can optimize your Mac for full performance while gaming. In this list, I’m not going to list the most common ways like restarting your Mac, closing apps, etc. I’ll focus on the ones you probably don’t already know about. So let’s begin!

Keep your Mac cool –

(Via Mac Expert)

Macs are known for getting very hot while gaming and little would you know that this actually affects your gaming performance. Macintosh computers use a technique called “Thermal Throttling”. Which thermal throttling is when a processor gets too hot it will perform slower to keep it self-cool. The new Macbook’s actually throttle the processor speed in order to keep itself cool since it doesn’t have a fan like all the other Macs in the lineup.

So how can you keep your Mac cool and prevent losing processing power? Well, you can download smcFanControl which like it says will let you control your Mac’s fan speed. I would note that I would use this app with caution since it’s not great to have your fans spinning at the speeds you want because in macOS Apple has a controller which controls the temperature of your Mac. You also may not see massive increases to FPS but, it will have an improvement and should keep your Mac nice and cool.

Background Tasks – 

You’ve probably thought you’ve closed all your applications that were running but, you may be very incorrect. Open “Activity Monitor” (Command + Space, then enter Activity Monitor and press “Enter”) and you’ll see just how many processes are actually going on; your Mac. Now before you go quitting all of your applications in Activity Monitor you don’t want to quit any of them that say “root” under the user tab. Some of these processes are needed to keep your Mac running. Again you may not see a large FPS boost but it should keep your Mac from doing other processes that aren’t needed at the moment.

Notification Center  + Dashboard – 

Notification center and the Dashboard, most Mac users I know don’t actually use any of these features. And little would you know that these both take up processing power that could keep your Mac from getting those couple more FPS. You can do two things, remove both Notification Center and Dashboard or just remove the widgets on both of them should help your Mac run better while gaming especially if your Mac doesn’t have a lot of RAM. If you want to remove both of these I’ve listed Terminal commands below so you can remove them. Only do this if you’re conformable with the macOS operating system.

* Notification Center:

  • Open Terminal
  • launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchAgents/
  • killall NotificationCenter

* Dashboard:

  • Open Terminal
  • Write mcx-disabled -boolean
  • YES
  • killall Dock

Clearing some space – 

Now to clear some space… If you’re a gamer you know the feeling of running out of space. Having a hard drive full of games and very little space left on your Mac can slow your Mac down a ton just with normal usage and even gaming. Check folders like Downloads, Documents, Applications, etc. I bet you that you’ll find some stuff that you no longer need and deleting them can really speed up your Mac especially if it’s a couple hundred GB of files. You notice an improvement in loading times and just the overall experience of macOS.