What Streaming Services use Replay Kit Live to Stream iOS Games?

You may or may not know that you can actually stream right from your iOS device depending on the supported game which has Replay Kit Live. This is still a very new thing and there aren’t many services that actually allow this type of streaming. In fact, there’s still a ton of people who don’t know you can stream right through your iOS device. I’ve done an article about Replay Kit Live here, and showing some of the things it can actually do. Show now you know what Replay Kit Live is and you want to stream to a service, so which service do you pick?


Mobcrush has raised over $35 million “in venture funding from world-class investors.” They were founded in 2014 and ever since they’ve made one of the easy to use mobile streaming and viewing platform out there. Mobcrush is powered by their own “proprietary mobile live streaming tech.” Mobcrush is by far the easiest platforms to stream on; with a tap of a button or two, you’re live to your audience or soon to be audience.

Mixer – Coming Soon

Microsoft acquired Beam and then renamed itself to “Mixer”. Mixer announced plans of mobile streaming using replay kit live “coming soon” I don’t have much more to say then watch their social media platforms and stay tuned. Mixer has been adding new features to its platform non-stop so mobile streaming could come sooner than you think.

Twitch – Coming Soon

Twitch has announced plans for iOS mobile streaming but hasn’t released a date yet. Twitch seems to be a bit slow on gaining the iOS streamers and viewers, but they are catching up and we should see more news with Twitch and iOS streaming later this year.


One of the first lifestreaming apps on iOS, “Periscope” has announced support for mobile streaming on your iOS device with supported Replay Kit Live games. While gaming on Periscope isn’t huge it is an option and it’s one that actually works surprisingly well. It’s not my first option for streaming mobile games but, if you’re comfortable with Periscope already I say “go ahead and use it”.


Shou (Show) is not one of my favorite mobile live streaming services, due to multiple reasons like; you cannot watch live streams on the web, not so great support and a few other things. The service does work pretty well with streaming games to the platform and has a large community. Their one of the first apps to use airplay to live stream before Replay Kit so they do have some experience. Though, the lack of a web viewing experience and confusing interface Shou.tv is a platform you can stream on.