Sky Force: Reloaded on the Apple TV

There’s been a lack of games coming to the Apple TV recently so, I’ve been keeping a really close eye on the tvOS App Store to see if any possible new games will show up and surprisingly one larger one did indeed show up on the App Store. That game would be Sky Force: Reloaded.

I’ve play Sky Force on my iPhone and I didn’t play it for very long it was pretty fun but, for some reason, I didn’t stick on to the game for very long. That being said I wasn’t too happy to see Sky Force come to the Apple TV though, I still downloaded the game to see what the experience would be like on the on a larger screen and with a remote. When I first launched the game I experienced some lag and I just knew this was going to be a bad port on the Apple TV but, I was very wrong; after the tutorial, the lag stopped and ran the game like a charm. I felt more immersed into the gameplay using the Siri Remote and the overall experience was a pleasure. Now there isn’t a large difference between the iOS and Apple TV versions of the game but, I just really enjoyed playing Sky Force: Reloaded on my Apple TV more.

Below I’ve recorded some footage of Sky Force on the Apple TV and you can see the extremely smooth FPS on the Apple. You’ll have to actually experience the game on your own to really get a perspective of the game on the Apple TV.