Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Inspired game is coming to iOS

Last Friday, the people over at Horus Entertainment gave us a sneak peek into their new iOS game: Bullet Strike – Battlegrounds. A member of their team (J.O.Y) said that Bullet Strike is “inspired by Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.” Bullet Strike is currently in alpha and not released to the public to test yet. J.O.Y did mention that they’re going to release the alpha version of the game to let testers test Bullet Strike. They didn’t mention when it would be released but, did give out a link to sign-up for the alpha while we wait.

Along with the link to sign-up for the alpha that did post a teaser of Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds on their YouTube channel. The video shows off high-quality graphics and many guns that will be in the game. The video also shows off multiplayer in the game and as you may know, Player Unknown’s Battleground is a large multiplayer last-man-standing game so having multiplayer even in the alpha is huge. Unfortunately, the video doesn’t say a release date or even when the alpha will be open to testing.

Horus Entertainment’s website shows off three games: Captian Strike, We Are Heroes and Bullet Strike. That I can find “We Are Heroes is the only one currently playable on the App Store. Which means we can expect to see more of Horus’s games coming to mobile devices soon.