Rome: Total War is a Total Victory on iPad

Recently, I received a copy of Rome: Total War for iPad and there’s a lot to the game but in a big way. I’m a huge fan of the Total War series and Rome: Total War isn’t any different from the rest of the games. Everything from the historical battles to the outstanding campaign, you’ll spend hours on this game trying to make your faction the best and most powerful faction there is.

Before we get too much into the game, let me tell you how this game actually made its way to iPad. The team at Feral Interactive ported this game from PC over to iOS and they’ve actually made the full “PC experience” completely on iPad without losing anything but the keyboard and mouse. But who cares about keyboard and mouse? It’s all about touch these days! They’ve done some re-mapping of the layout of the game since it would be harder to play the game if it looked like the PC version. Don’t worry all the buttons are still there though, they’re re-mapped and easier to use with your finger. With the iPad’s retina display, it left Feral in a bit of a challenge. Since the PC version isn’t meant to be played on a high resolution like the iPad, they had to change the UI (user interface) and the way the characters look. If they didn’t and left them the way they would be, the game would look terrible on the retina display and wouldn’t take advantage of that amazing display. Below are some examples of how exactly Feral was able to make Rome: Total War come to iPad without, losing anything but making the game look better then it has ever looked. The top two photos show the quality change from PC/Mac to iPad. The bottom two are showing the re-mapping of the UI.

(images via Feral)

Gameplay –

The game is everything you would expect from the PC version, just with touch controls. You have a choice of four things you can do in the game. You can do an Imperial campaign, which is where you play as one of the three factions (The House of Julii, The House of Brutii, or The House of Scipii), battle your way to make allies and enemies, and ultimately become the most powerful faction there is. The second choice is a Historical Battle, which is where you can play from any of the ten historical battles and try to make that battle a victory at all costs. The third option is one that I really love, which is the quick battle. This game mode allows you to literally play a quick battle that the game chooses for you and try to lead your men to victorious. The last and final game mode is a custom battle. This is exactly what it sounds like. You get to make your battle, by choosing the game type, difficulty, conditions, and actions you’ll like to play as. This game mode does require you to learn a lot more about the game but it’s very fun to experiment with and see who wins.

Performance – 

The oldest iPad you can play this game is on an iPad Air(1st generation). Which you would think the performance would be absolute garbage but, it’s really not. It says around 30FPS most times and is totally playable on the 1st generation iPad Air. Now if you step up to something like an iPad Pro (2016) or even an iPad Air 2, it plays this game like a charm. No slow downs or nothing; completely smooth gameplay. I’ve noticed when you really zoom out on a battle, the FPS can dip (especially on older devices) but, it’s hardly noticeable unless you’re on an iPad Air (1st generation).

Overall – 

For a game that’s only $10 on the App Store, this is a really killer deal, if you think about it. If you think its overpriced,  it’s really not for a game on the App Store with its quality and gameplay. Games like Final Fantasy are around the $15 mark and aren’t even close to the quality you get from this game and there isn’t a ton of PC ports to iOS that are this good on the App Store.

I highly recommend picking up this game for your iPad. Especially if you have the Mac version of Rome: Total War. Why? Well, you can actually play on your Mac and then switch to your iPad to play while you’re in the car. This game has so much to offer and you can easily spend a ton of hours into this game.