Dawn of War III Comes to Mac

Feral Interactive released their new game to Mac; which is Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III (for Mac). They’ve always done an outstanding job with porting games from PC to Mac and this is just to show their still kicking butt to bring more games to Mac and show the full power of the Mac. Dawn of War III is everything you would expect from Feral Interactive and more.

First of all Dawn of War III’s graphics are just outstanding. If you zoom into the photo above you can tell every little detail is worked out perfectly and playing Dawn of War III on your Mac’s screen is an experience you have to try for yourself. Secondly, this may be the best strategy game on Mac by far. I’ve played many strategy games on my Mac; Empire: Total War is my favorite until seeing Dawn of War III on Mac. Thirdly, the gameplay. While a game’s graphics may be good the gameplay is where everything is. Dawn of War III doesn’t disappoint in the gameplay region at all.

The only thing is if you wanna play Dawn of War III on your Mac you’ll need a pretty new Mac or a Mac with beefy specs. Feral’s minimum requirements and recommended requirements are listed below.

Minimum requirements:

OS macOS 10.12.4
Processor Intel 2 GHz
Graphics 1 GB
Accessories Mouse

Recommended requirements:

macOS 10.12.5
Processor Intel 3.40 GHz
Graphics 4 GB
Accessories Keyboard, Multi-Button Mouse

Overall, if you love strategy games or even want to start to get into strategy games I highly recommend checking out Feral’s: Dawn of War III which is available on Mac today. With colossal battles, multiplayer (Mac to Linux), Giants, and so much more I don’t see why any Mac gamer doesn’t own Dawn of War III.