Don’t expect a Siri Speaker at WWDC 2017

Yesterday (June 3rd, 2017) a Reddit user by the name of “Foxconninsider” gave us a lot to chew on, yesterday. They’re a group of Foxconn employees which have access to areas in the “Apple Home Speaker”, iPhone 8, iMac Peripherals, and quite a bit more. The Insider did an IAMA answering questions the public had. Please keep in mind that these are the same people who revealed the “Touch Bar” video before the launch, which the video turned out to be true alongside various other releases of information. They gave some pretty solid information and could very well be back with the rumors we already have set for many of the rumored devices.

The thing that caught my eye the most is the speaks of the Siri Speaker or what they like to call it the “ Apple Home Speaker”. In their post, they said this “Apple home speaker (delayed late 2017). Hon Hai lost contract to another CM before Chinese New Year.” Which means we likely won’t be able to purchase the home speaker until later this year. This doesn’t mean we won’t get a sneak peak like the 2013 Mac Pro got, but I would expect to see shipping dates and release date later this year at Apple’s special event.