We may have got an update on the “Apple Glasses”

Recently, on an Apple Subreddit, there was a user by “Foxconninsider” who hosted an IAMA with information of Apple hardware updates for the next 12 months. This is a group of people who work in certain parts of Foxconn’s supply chain and one of the areas they work in is the “Apple Glass Project”. The mods of the Reddit can verify that Foxconninsider can have this such information, though they can’t verify the information itself since they don’t have access to it. Though, these are the same people who leaked various other releases of information and proved to be right. Down below is a conversation with some of the users of this subreddit and Foxconninsider.

Foxconninsider:  “Rough bill of materials of Project Mirrorshades – Apple Iris

Kopin NED Acetate frame Polarized or prescription lens with Zeiss smart optics Bone induction modules Microphones (Noise Cancellation) Light sensor Accelerometer for step tracking and head movement app navigation Magnetometer for navigation Capacitive Pavel Ceramic battery Apple chipset Charging circuit BL5 Induction module”

Scrawnydaddy: “Thanks for the detailed info!

Can I ask about the superficial details:

What color(s) were the frames/arms?

What shade(s) were the lenses? Mirrored, darkened or transparent?

What finish was allied to the frames/arms?

What shape were the frames and lenses? Can yo compare them to any classic glasses styles like Raybans or Oakleys?

What sizing options did you test?”

Foxconninsider: “Crystal, champagne, and black. We only saw transparent reader lens but I understand they can procure polarized or prescription lenses. Cellulose acetate Injection mold frames into an aluminum mold. Colors are added and tumbled for finish.P3 frame design. Two sizes, men’s and woman’s.”

Paige4o4: “Based on the cost of materials, any idea what the MSRP might be? Is this similar to the Apple Watch ($300-$500) or more like a flagship iPhone? (+$1000)?

Also, is “crystal” just transparent/clear?”

Foxconninsider: “Usually 4x the BOM cost; it would indicate around $600 mark.Crystal is just clear. But clear without artifacts is difficult.”

From this conversation, it really tells us some very important information regarding the “Apple Glasses”. Though, Foxconninsider did say in their post that this project could be delayed until 2018 or 2019. They also say it “may be canceled”. They don’t go into from detail of that means and how they figured that out, but what we can do is either wait until they go into more information regarding that or just wait and see if Apple releases them; themselves.