What to expect during WWDC 2017?

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference is just around the corner and you may wonder what can we expect this year from Apple? Well, you should first know that Apple doesn’t normally release any products during these events. The products they release are normally not major or just a seek peak of what’s to come. I’m going to list what I believe we can expect to see this year at WWDC 2017.

iOS 11

(via macrumors)

The iPhone is one of Apple’s best-selling products ever and iOS plays a very big role in that. Every year Apple always seems to surprise us with new features and things that we think we don’t need but end up using everyday on our iOS devices. The very popular rumor for iOS 11 is a redesign (not a full resdesgin like iOS 7). We could expect to see some changes to the icons and some of the look of iOS. We could also see a much more customizable iOS, where we can change things like the control center and make it more personalized. The only killer that we could expect from iOS 11 is 32-bit apps and 32-bit devices (example iPad 4th generation – iPhone 5), so any Apple device running with a 32-bit processor or apps with 32-bit support will no longer work in iOS 11. This will kill a lot of applications and devices but, it’s time for developers to switch over to 64-bit now, as all the current devices use a 64-bit processor and 64-bit applications are more efficient of using the CPU. We can expect to see iOS 11 launch for developers the week of WWDC and public beta for beta testers later this Summer. I would assume a public launch would be around Apple’s Fall event.

macOS 10.13

(via Apple)

It always seems like iOS is killing macOS with all the features iOS gets and then a year or two later Mac gets the features. It makes sense because iOS does have more users than macOS but most of the professionals or even daily users who love using Apple products mainly use a Mac. Seeing new features and an even faster OS would be wonderful to see. While we don’t know what to expect from Apple on the macOS side we can expect Apple to continue to use the California landscape names.

watchOS 4.0

(via Apple)

While the Apple Watch is the dominated the smartwatch market last quarter, we can expect Apple to release watchOS 4.0 along with iOS 11. I’m sure Apple will make watchOS more dependent, though still expect Apple to still highly rely on iOS. This could very well be the last update for the original “series zero” Apple Watch.

tvOS 11

(via Apple)

The Apple TV is a great TV box with apps and games, but besides that there isn’t much more that the Apple TV offers. I could see Apple redesigning tvOS 11 to stand out more and feel more like a “console” then a blown up iOS to the TV. There isn’t any rumors or expections behind the the new tvOS update but it’s very likey that we’ll get an update on it.

Apple Assistant Speaker

“Hey Alexa” …. I mean “Hey Siri, when should we expect an Apple Assistant Speaker? Amazon has been dominating the AI speakers for a good while now. We’ve had some rumors that Apple has even started production of the speaker in preperation of WWDC. I wouldn’t expect Apple to launch the speaker at WWDC but I could see it as a “One more thing”.