Style your iPhone 7 with Caseable

I love cases on my iPhone 7 plus as you may know and there’s a lot of times where I just get bored of the same old colors and very simple designs from other manufacturers. Caseable has changed that. With endless possibilities you could choose from, whether it’s a design Caseable has made or an even a photo from your photo library anything is possible to put on your future case from Caseable. There are three types of cases you can customize or pick from. Those three types of cases are Flip Cases, my favorite Hard Cases, and Pouches.

The Hard Case is my favorite because of its ease of use. The buttons are still very easy to press (which I love). The camera cut out is superb and I just love everything about the case but one thing. That one thing would be protection, one drop from just 3 feet left scratches on the case and a broken iPhone display. Which as you know is pretty expensive to replace if you don’t have Apple Care. Though if you’re really careful with your device you should be just fine.

The Flip Case is really great especially if you’re a guy. No need to carry your wallet anymore just carry this case and put all your cards that you’ll need right in the case. It’s a pretty protective case if you have it closed because of all the cushion that this case has.

Now the Pouch, I actually gave my mom this case for one reason. Her purse. Whether it’s keys or something else in the purse it always seems to leave scratches on her display and I knew this case would help prevent those scratches from happening if she would put her phone in the pouch before placing it in the purse. Again with this case, it’s very protective if you have it in the pouch.

Overall, Caseable has done an amazing job with allowing customers to put different designs on their cases and even pick from Caseable’s designed cases. I’m just disappointed to see my favorite case (the hard case) not very protective and easily broke my iPhone 7 Plus’s display. Besides that, the cases are very colorful and vibrant.