Speck delivers the best cases for iPhone 7/7 Plus

I got my iPhone 7 Plus (Jet black) back in December and you would never imagine how hard it’s been to find a good case for it. Its something about it having dual cameras and having a Jet Black iPhone that makes it so hard to find a case for. I’ve gone to some of the largest case makers for iPhone cases and none of them really stuck out to me. So I bought a cheap clear case from Amazon for the mean time until I could fine a case that really stood out to me. Then I came across Speck’s Presidio collection and I fell in love.

Speck sent me a couple of their cases from their Presidio collection and I just have one word for them ‘perfect’. I first got the Twilight Blue/Marine Blue Presidio Grip case and it’s my favorite out of them all. It provides a nice and comfortable feel while holding my iPhone. The case protects any iPhone from a 10 feet drop (tested by Speck). I’m not one to drop my phone very often, so I wasn’t able to test the actual protection of the case. Though, from what I can see and what Speck provides, I can tell it can stand a hit. Besides protection, the case does an outstanding job with how the buttons feel and respond. They’ve done something magically with the buttons. Turning on/off my iPhone feels like a joy and turning my volume up and down feels just as good. In fact I’ve found myself to really love the buttons on the Presidio case better then the buttons on my iPhone. Speck has also done an amazing job with outlining the ports and especially the camera area on this case. You don’t even know how many cases I’ve had that have the case super close to the camera and flash and when you take a photo you get a slight color of the case in the photo. And those are just a few reasons why the Presidio Grip is my favorite case for my iPhone 7 Plus.

I also got a Presidio Inked and a Presidio case from Speck. Let’s start with the Presidio Inked case, its a really great case. I got the “Milky Way Black Glossy” which look extremely good on the Jet Black and Matte Black iPhone 7. It seems like theses cases were meant for the iPhone 7. Everything about this case is like the presidio grip besides the “grip” part. It’s still very easy to hold especially since most inked cases slip right out of your hand. This case doesn’t. I love everything about this case besides one thing which the presidio case I got has too. That ‘thing’ is a headphone port, I’m not sure why it’s there because the camera area is perfectly fit for the iPhone 7, but you can see where the headphone port is. Though, these cases are designed for the iPhone 7/7 Plus and iPhone 6s/6s Plus I could see why they would keep it there, but if your somebody like me it may bother you a bit. Now lets discuss the Presidio case, there’s not much more that I can say about it then I really love it. For somebody that normally scratch their case very easy the finish on this case is outstanding. I challenge you to try and scratch this case, everything from keys to a kitchen knife is extremely hard to scratch this case and I guess that’s why I love the case so much.

Speck’s Presidio collection is truly something to be amazed by, there’s so many cases to choose from and they all protect your iPhone as well. If there was one company I would recommend getting a case from it would be from Speck’s Presidio collection. I think it would be very hard for me to recommend another case collection then Speck’s themselves.