What’s that large circle on the iPhone 8?

Early this morning we got a pretty big rumor by KK Leaks and some other leakers on Twitter of possible leaked image of the upcoming iPhone 8. On Leaks cannot confirm if this image is real or fake but they did indeed share it on Twitter otherwise. We’ve seen many different images of what the iPhone 8 could look like and I’ll say out of them all, this one seems pretty close to what we could see in the upcoming iPhone. The big reason that makes me think this is real is the that, there isn’t a sign of  a Touch ID sensor on the back of the phone. (I recently did an article on whether or not Apple is keeping the Touch ID or moving it somewhere else. You can read more about what I think about that here.) I wouldn’t see Apple releasing an iPhone with the touch ID sensor on the back which means, either Apple figured out how to put it under the display or they’re getting rid of the sensor entirely (probably not) by this leaked image. There’s something that has caught my eye though. There’s one thing that really sticks out in this photo and that would be the really big circular outline in the image.

(Via Onleaks)

We’re still not sure what this could be, but I have a pretty close idea what it could very well be. I’m pretty sure it’s some sort of wireless charging area for a wireless charger. Many Android devices already have this capability, though it would be really awesome if Apple were to implement this into the next iPhone. This area could also be used for many battery cases from Apple or third-party case makers in the future.

  • Chandler