What can we expect from the next iMac?

Apple had an interview with Buzzfeed, which Apple did express their feelings for their pro consumers and said “We’re sorry to disappoint customers.” Apple’s line up is quite a bit behind compared to the available Windows PCs to pro consumers. While the iMac and Apple’s other pro computers are still great they’re getting outdated and other PCs can do the same task faster than most of the Macs available. Apple still does a wonderful job with apps like Final Cut Pro X that take advantage of the technology in their pro computers, Apple is in need of an update to their pro line-up. iMacs are very popular among the pro market and even the 5K iMac is still a great and fast machine, but it’s still in need of an upgrade. So, can we expect new iMacs coming out this year?
Well, according to Pile’s Unviersum we could see a new line-up of iMacs that are designed for “pros.” In Pile’s article he claims that we could expect to see these specs (listed below) in the next iMacs coming this later year.


In the next iMacs we could see Apple ship the iMacs with Thunderbolt 3 ports just like the Macbook Pros that are in Apple’s current line-up. Thunderbolt 3 ports are much faster than Thunderbolt 2 and 1. Thunderbolt 3 allows HMDI, VGA, USB, and power all through one cable.


Pile’s rumors claim that the next iMacs will have “NVM Express PCIe-based flash storage” which could have as much space as 2TB. Which is quite a bit of space and very speedy. If that amount of space isn’t what the consumer would like, I’m sure Apple will probably offer more expensive and slower drives that offer more space. The consumer could also use the Thunderbolt 3 ports for external drives it thats more their thing.



The current iMacs either have intergrated Intel graphics or AMD graphics which are much faster than intergrated graphics, but still aren’t the best for what you pay for. The rumor claims that the next iMacs could support VR-devices with the AMD graphics that are in the next iMac. This could attract much more gamers to the Mac side and attract more developers over to creating more Mac games/professional applications.


Rumor says that we could see new Intel Xeon processors. We’re not completely sure exactly what processor it will be from Intel, but it could very muchbe one of Intel’s Xeon E3 processors. Which would help pro applications like Final Cut Pro, Adobe photoshop, and much more pro applications with rendering and export times.


The current iMac only configurable to 32GB of RAM, which to most pros is just fine, but consumers wanting to use their iMac for servers or more intensive applications; having the ability to configure up to 64GB would really attract the pro consumers to the iMac, than the very outdated Mac pro.


(via Apple)

Any other changes?

We’re not expecting any external changes to the next iMac, that isn’t to say Apple won’t make some slight changes to the design. While I don’t see it happening, it is a possibility that Apple could make some slight changes. Apple has said that they’re “completely rethinking the Mac Pro.” So, if your in for a redesign, faster internals (un-confirmed), and willing to wait even longer for the Mac pro than that may be your best option. We still don’t know what the specs are officially in the next iMac or even what the Mac pro it’s still worth mentioning.