Get stuff just by walking with Sweat Coin

Everyday we walk, wether it’s to go to our cars, to the nearest store, or even to School. We’re always walking and most of the time we have our smart phones with us on a daily basis. Sweat Coin has made it where you can earn “coins” just for walking. It sounds super crazy since we walk to do the simplest of things, but yet we get coins in replace of just walking that we normally wouldn’t get without Sweat Coin.

How do you get coins?

You can simply get 1 coin for each 1K steps you walk. It sounds a bit crazy but an average person should be walking about 10K steps a day, which means if you walk 10k steps a day you already have 10 coins after that day. The next day and all through out the week you can get a total of 70 coins or even more if you walk more than 10k steps a day for a week.

What can you get with coins?

With coins, you can get quite a bit of things. Every day there’s new offers that you can spend your coins on to get. For an example, if I have 150 coins I can spend those coins on $5 off a purchase of an iPhone case. You can also save up your money and get more expensive items. While some of these items or offers may seem pretty low or not worth your time; think about this. If you weren’t to use this app you would be walking and not earning anything on this app. So, in theory, you’re doing the same thing you normally do but you’ve signed up for Sweat Coin and can earn extra stuff that you would normally have to spend even more on.

(Via CBS News)