What’s the future of the 12-inch MacBook? 

Apple released their first ultra-thin 12-inch MacBook on March 9, 2015. Which introduced a whole line of new features like, Force Touch, Butterfly keyboard, fan-less design, and much more. Later in April 19, 2016 Apple updated the MacBook with the a sixth-generation Intel Core M processors which had longer batter life and a new rose gold option like the iPhones and iPads. It’s now 2017 and its almost a year without another update to the Macbook, so what’s next for the Macbook?

There hasn’t been much rumors around the MacBook or even if we’ll see a new MacBook model this year. What can we expect though? Well, According to KGI securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, we could see MacBooks with “up to 16GB of RAM.” The current MacBooks are very limited and can only be upgraded to 8GB of RAM when ordering by Apple. We could also see the new Kaby Lake processors by Intel in the next MacBook which would boast graphics capabilities, and have a slightly faster performance speed as well. Kaby Lake processors are very good at improving app switching and improved battery performance which would really help the MacBook out. We haven’t seen many rumors supporting this theory that the Macbooks will get Kaby Lake processors. 

What’s the future of the MacBook then? In the next few reversions of the MacBook, we could see a MacBook that features an OLED display; which OLED displays are very good at being more efficient for longer battery life and having a brighter display. I wouldn’t expect to see any external changes as there’s still many Macs that don’t even have USB-C ports yet so I don’t see Apple making any major changes to the MacBook in the mean time. The current MacBook is still a very capable computer and very powerful for its size. I couldn’t see Apple making any huge changes to this MacBook for a year or two as Apple’s desktop line is dragging behind. I do see the MacBook getting an update this year, however it most likely will only be some slight changes, so I wouldn’t want to get your hopes up.