Is Apple getting rid of the Touch ID sensor? 

There’s recently been rumors that Apple will remove Touch ID from the iPhone 8 since they can’t get the technology to work under the display. Apple would then use “3D sensing for biometric login and verification […] to replacement for the highly popular fingerprint sensor.” Which leads me to this, will Apple really remove the Touch ID sensor from the iPhone 8?

My opinion is, Apple will not remove the Touch ID sensor for one big reason. The “big” reason is 3D sensing is still new and can be faked very easily just by a photo as we saw from the Samsung Galaxy S8. Apple would then have to develop the technology and implement this new technology in iOS and in the new iPhone 8. It would make a lot more sense for Apple to keep the technology that already works and consumers already know how to use than to have users adapt to a new technology that isn’t very secure. I’m not saying Apple won’t ever use 3D sensing, but for now I don’t see it being something Apple has plans for the iPhone 8.

What’s Apple’s options?

Well, Apple really only has one option but it seems by some of the leaked images Apple also has another option if they cannot get the first option to succeed. The first option would be, to get the Touch ID sensor working under the display. Whether they will have to delay the iPhone 8 it seems likely Apple will do this since they did the same thing when the Airpods were having issues syncing together. Though, if for some reason this doesn’t work they do have another option from what it seems. This option, isn’t something I see Apple doing but it is worth mentioning. This option would be to put the sensor on the back of the phone. It would be something similar to the Google Pixel where the sensor is in the middle on the back of the phone.

Like I said, I don’t see Apple doing this since it wouldn’t be the iPhone you know and it just seems like, it wouldn’t be the simple press to unlock your iPhone. That’s just me though, what do you think Apple will do with the Touch ID sensor in the iPhone 8?