My top 5 favorite Apple Watch apps

I wear my Apple watch from the time that I wake up to the time I lay down to go to sleep. My Apple Watch is almost never not on me, so you could say I know my share of apps that are my favorite for the Apple Watch. While I don’t really use a ton of apps on my Apple Watch there are some apps that are my favorite to use here and there.

Pokemon Go – Free

While the hype of Pokemon Go may have died down Pokemon Go is still extremely fun to play. In fact, it’s even funnier to play Pokemon Go on your Apple Watch! You don’t even need to take out your iPhone to check see how long you’ve been walking or how long until one of your eggs have hatched. If you have an Apple Watch and you’re a fan of Pokemon or even Pokemon Go than this is a must-have App on your Apple Watch. Plus you can show off you have Pokemon Go right on your wrist!

Workflow – Free

You’ve may have heard of this app recently, it was acquired by Apple. Workflow is an extremely powerful app, you can do everything from calculating a tip to seeing the picture of the day straight from your app. Everyone should get this app, it makes using your watch and your every day so much easier and automated. I would seriously recommend checking out this app.

The New York Times – Free

Receive your news everywhere with the NYTimes Apple Watch app. There have been so many times when there’s been something important come on the news and I wasn’t able to find out what’s happening. With the NYTimes app, you get informed the moment something happens and you can read about it straight from your Apple Watch without having to take out your iPhone to see. Make sure you’ve got those notifications on and get informed the moment something happens.

Instagram – Free

There been so many times when I’ve been stuck waiting somewhere and I’ve just wanted to check my social media. With the Instagram app, you can do just that and more! You can check your “activity” and check your “feed” right in the app. If you’re in your feed you can like others photos from your watch and you can even view the comments other users have posted on your photos and other users photos. If you’re a big fan of Instagram or just enjoy checking it out I would for sure give Instagram a chance on your Apple Watch.


Chat stories on your Apple Watch, that’s as simple as it gets. Read chat stories in forms of text messages by other users of the app and feel like your in the story right from your wrist. There are tons of stories to read and I’ll say this, they’re very interesting ones sometimes. So, get your reading on with HOOKED!