My wishlist for the next Apple TV

I’m a massive fan of the Apple TV such a big fan of it, it’s replaced my consoles. Everything from gaming to watching House of Cards, I’m doing on my Apple TV. But, there’s a lot of things that the current Apple TV doesn’t have that I would really love to see in the next Apple TV.

Swift hardware

Right now the Apple TV is equipped with the same processor and graphics that are on the iPhone 6. Which isn’t bad but I would love to see Apple take the chip from something like an iPad pro or even its own dedicated processor which no other mobile device has and make it only for the Apple TV. People like me who game on the Apple TV want a speedy processor so it doesn’t seem like I’m just playing a mobile game on my Apple TV. While this brings up the price of the Apple TV I wouldn’t mind paying for an Apple TV if it had speedy specs and had games to show off those specs.

New Siri remote 

While the current Siri remote is great and all there’s some things I would love to see in the next Siri remote. The first thing I would love to see is something like force touch. Right now, the current Siri remote is very loud when pressing down and something like force touch would be very neat and would open more doors for developers. Another feature I would love to see is haptic feedback. This could make playing games and interacting with apps even better! For an example the iPhone 7 has haptic feedback and doing things like scrolling through the timer in the clock app gives you a slight but nice vibration. The last feature I would love to see in the Siri remote is Touch ID. This is something that should be adding to the Apple TV so when you log in to wifi, cable providers, apps, and much more you can do it with your finger. While some of these things may kill the Siri remote faster I wouldn’t mind charging the remote more often. Some of these features may also make the remote heavier I wouldn’t mind either as it may make it easier to hold.

Separate accounts 

While iPad still doesn’t even have this feature yet, it would be really nice to see Apple make it where it’s a simple wake of the Apple TV and I just can choose the account I want to use and have all my iCloud, Game center, and other logins right there. For an example, Playstation and Xbox have it where you can add multiple accounts and switch over to a different account if another user wants to use his data and his information instead of sharing one account. This would be great if one user plays Minecraft and has certain settings then the other user can switch accounts and have his settings the way he wants it without having to change them everytime each one plays.

More, more, more, storage! 

Currently, the Apple TV comes in two storage sizes 32GB and 64GB. Which those were good for the time they aren’t so great anymore. Developers are still limited to the amount an application can be on the TV app store. Which means in a lot of applications you’ll see a loading bar in the application as it installs all the files the app needs in order to work since there’s still a size limit. Seeing an Apple TV with 128GB or even 256GB would really be nice! We could finally see more developers putting their games on Apple TV. This also could open the doors to Apple so they can remove the size limit on the TV store.


Redefined App Store

I’ll say this, the current app store on the Apple TV in simple terms is trash. It super hard to find applications besides the popular ones on the main page. For an example, if I look through the games tab I only find one or two hundred games. Though if I searching action games I get tons more that weren’t in the game section which sucks for upcoming developers because their games are very hard to be discovered.

I would love to see apple add some of these features to the next Apple TV. Some of these features and requests I feel like should have been implemented into the current Apple TV since they just make sense and the technology was there. Overall, time will tell we’ll see these or not.