iOS gaming is about to get really good

Most gamers know iOS gaming by games like Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies, Mobile strike, Clash of Clans, and much more. What most gamers don’t know, is that iOS actually has a very strong mobile gaming community. In fact, there are services like Mobcrush where people actually watch other people play popular and not so popular mobile games. There so many games that are on mobile that are high-quality and they just don’t get the attention they need. In fact, most of these high-quality games even have controller support where you can use an MFI controller to play the game like a console. What possibly could make iOS gaming really good in the near future?

(Shadowgun: Legends)

What’s going to make iOS really good is the games. Games are everything to gamers and if a platform has great games or even one really great game then gamers will be attracted to that platform. As we saw from the Nintendo Switch earlier this year. There are so many great games that are in soft-launch and in beta that it almost time for us to see some outstanding games in the App Store soon. There are games coming out like Shadowgun: Legends, Deadheads, Pig Bang, Oceanhorn 2, that have the quality of AAA games and they’re coming out somewhat soon. These games are absolutely amazing and worth every minute of playing.

We even have games that just released like Modern Combat Verus (Soft launch as of this writing), Death Road to Canada, Gangster: New Orleans, F1 2016, and much more that are outstanding to play and I wonder to myself why don’t more console and PC players play these games on mobile. These games are pretty high quality and offer so much more. Most of these games are cheaper than if you were to buy a $60 console or PC game. While they may not meet the full standards of a $60 console/PC game they do show that mobile gaming has a ton of potential for gamers.

(Vast Survival)

The only problem with iOS gaming is that it’s filled with in-app purchases and pay-to-win games which make it very hard for new gamers to come iOS to play these games. If you don’t spend money you lose matches and gamers hate losing matches. Though, many of the beta games that I’ve been playing have promised that there won’t be any pay-to-win elements in their games. That’s not to say they won’t make it pay-to-win. Most gamers would rather pay $7.99 or even $14.99 for a high-quality game that isn’t bloated with pop-up ads, in-app purchases, or pay-to-win elements. Games like Critical-Ops are implementing ways where you don’t have to spend a penny to win, but if you do spend money you can get custom skins for your guns and characters which other players wouldn’t have unless unlocking them by earning crates in-game which do take time to unlock.

iOS gaming has a very strong and really great future ahead of us, but it comes down to the players and the developers of the games. With great games, we get more players which open doors to more developers creating more high-quality games. Though for now, we play the waiting game for these games to come out and for the players to play these games.