Easter iMessage stickers you need to get

Easter is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate Easter than to send some awesome stickers to your friends and family through iMessage? Here are some of my favorite sticker packs for iMessage. Sticker on!

Fat Easter Bunny – $0.99

This app is currently 50% off and it’s actually a pretty good deal. You get a pack of 24 stickers and you get them forever. The sticker packs feature a cute little white bunny that has many captions from words like Thank U, Ok, Congrats, Hi,  Sorry and much more! There’s no way you can resist this cute bunny.

Fat Rabbit – Free

I’m not too sure what’s up with all these sticker packs having the word “fat” in them but this sticker pack is my personal favorite for Easter. There are tons of stickers to choose from; there also very colorful and cute for sure! This sticker pack is free so there’s no way you can say no to this pack.

GIPHY Stickers – Free

This sticker pack allows you to create your own stickers and send them to your friends and family. You can also choose from ones made by other users or built in ones. A lot of the stickers on this app can actually move, so if you make an Easter bunny one you can have him moving around, which is really cool!

Llamas Eggsposed – $0.99

“Llamas posing as bunnies? How EGG-citing!!” This sticker pack only features 20 “Drama Llamas” stickers which aren’t a ton for a dollar app, but these Llamas aren’t some regular Llamas I’ll say that. You should probably “top to it!”