Free Easter games for iPhone/iPad

Easter is right around the corner and most likely you’ll be waiting to get a photo with Easter bunny or traveling to see your relatives. What’s not a better time to kick back and play some Easter games in the spirit of the Holiday? He’s some great free Easter games for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Doodle Jump (Easter Special) – Free

There’s only one word to describe Doodle Jump, addictive. The simple goal of Doodle Jump (Easter Special) is to collect all the hidden Easter eggs that are hidden in each level. There are only 25 levels, which are pretty hard so I challenge you to see if you can beat all 25 levels. Just if your the “throwing type” then I would recommend checking out some of the other games on this list.

Easter Sweeper – Free

Easter Sweeper is basically a Candy Crush-style game. there are over 800 levels that have a ton of challenges. The goal is to collect all the golden eggs and to fill your basket with chocolate. It’s a ” Swap, drag and sweep” Easter pieces to get the Easter bunny out of the “magic hat.”

Fruit Ninja (Easter Update) Free

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of “Fruit Ninja” and if you haven’t well, now you have. Fruit Ninja is a slice and dice style game where you want to try and slice all the fruit you can while avoiding the bombs that pop up and try to make you fail. Sounds easy? Well, try it out yourself! This is only an Easter update so if you’re reading this later, then it may not have Easter content anymore.

Easter Bunny Egg Defense Games – Free

This game is basically a rip-off of Minecraft but, it is Easter themed and it has weapons to defend your base, which has bunnies with guns. I know it sounds really weird, it is but it’s Easter themed and hey there may be something worth playing here. Plus it’s free so how much could you really lose?