5 Free must have apps for your Apple TV

Ever since I got my Apple TV I’ve been in love with it. The App store isn’t perfect, but after owning the Apple TV for a few months I’ve really found some great apps for the Apple TV. So I’ve created a list of five must-have apps for your Apple TV. There are more apps out there that are really great; though I think these are the apps you must have for your Apple TV. (I’m excluding the very popular apps like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Facebook, etc.)

Moodica – Free


This app is a must have for almost everyone. Moodica is a free app that plays satisfying videos that in theory should help you relax better. This app is really great if you’re someone that leaves the TV on while you’re sleeping. Just launch Moodica and start playing one of the free videos and it should make you sleep better. There’s even animals, beaches, lights, and more!

Qello – Free


Qello is an amazing app for any music lovers with an Apple TV. You can play over 1,500 performances just from your Apple TV and all your other Apple devices. Qello, is a subscription based service so if you want Qello’s “All-Access Pass” you’ll have to pay the $7.99 to watch all the concerts you want to watch. Without the access pass, you won’t be able to watch all the concerts you want and Qello will limit you. I’m sure if you’re a music lover you’ll really love Qello.

Reuters TV – Free

Like the news? Want your own personalized news? Like no farther than Reuters TV, it’s a personalized news app that tells you the news you want in an instant without having to spend minutes watching videos and reading articles to get the news. The great thing is Reuters has virtually no advertisements without a fee. There’s also live feeds that you can watch which are free as well. This is a must have an app especially if you’re a cable cutter.

Daily Burn – Free

Forget leaving your house just to workout! Leave it to Daily Burn to help you get fit and provide you with personalized workouts. Daily Burn has custom assessment tools to find the best workout plan for you. There’s also over 600 workouts and a new workout every day at 9 am (ET). If that still doesn’t get you to download the app yet then this might, Daily Burn has a community filled with members that you can live chat with and “share your fitness journey with.” Though, after the 30-day free trail, you’ll have to pay a subscription fee after the free 30 days.

Yummly – Free

Suck at cooking or want to get better at making that amazing meatloaf? Then Yummly has you covered, with over one million recipes, that fit your diet, food allergies, “and your favorite cuisines.” Yummly even has personalized diets for vegans, vegetarians, paleo, and people who are gluten-free. There’s no membership so you can cook all you want with these recipes without having to spend a money to get these outstanding recipes.