iOS 10.3 made my iPad new again

I bought an iPad air a few years ago and it didn’t always run so fast. It would take years for the music app to open, even the lock screen took forever to just put in my passcode. I later then upgraded to an iPhone 7 Plus which is blazing fast compared to the iPad air so there wasn’t a point in using the iPad. I even had thoughts of selling the iPad because it was so slow compared to my iPhone and it was easier to take out my phone and do a task than if I were to take out my iPad and start using. Even when updating to iOS 10 the performance was sluggish and no longer performed like it should have. My iPad then became a sleep buddy because it would just lay on my bed completely dead or sit on my desk until I moved it. Which was sad because I didn’t get to use it a ton before I just stopped using it.


Though a few weeks ago we got a pretty large ‘sub’ update which was iOS 10.3 which had Apple’s new file system. Which replaced the god old file system that was over 30 years old. With that replacement, users found a ton of space back on their devices. When I updated I did get some space back but I got something that I wasn’t expecting at all. That thing was performance. My iPad felt like it just came out of the box for the first time. Opening apps, multitasking, turning on/off my iPad was so much faster than what it was before the update. I wasn’t expecting a speed buff with this update, in fact, I was expecting to get some space back and still suffer from the poor performance of my iPad. Now games still ran like they did before, so did the actual functions of apps, but opening apps and switching apps was so much faster it had almost felt like it was my iPhone. So, I really have to give it to Apple for really optimizing iOS for users like me.