Ever since creating this site in 2015 it’s been the best experience of my life. It’s not only taught me so much but I’ve also learned what it means to run a technology website. Today is going to be the biggest stepping stone for Therealtechie since the beginning of this site.

This site has always been focused around Apple and their products, though I then lost track of everything and it’s been a mess of articles on this site. We’re reviewing and writing about things that our readers don’t want to see. So, starting April 8th, 2017 Therealtechie will be completely focused around Apple. What this means is we’ll still be reviewing products that have something to do with an Apple product, we’re still be doing the popular App of the Week as well. This closes a lot of doors for us but opens so many more doors as well. We now have a “Rumor” section, dedicated “AOTW“, “How To’s” section, live page, and so much more. We’ll still be on Apple News, in fact, we’ve added a whole bunch more sections on Apple News to keep it more organized for our readers. We’ll have more content than ever before and we hope to make Therealtechie your first to go place for everything Apple.

I hope you’ll join us on this amazing stepping stone for Therealtechie and help us make this site even better every day. – Chandler Manly (Owner of Therealtechie)