Bet you didn’t know your iOS device could do this

There’s a lot of things you probably didn’t know your iOS device could do. There’s one thing in particular that Apple released in iOS 10 that quite a bit of people didn’t even could do on their device. What could this possibly be though? This feature is live streaming. Yes, you read that correct. You can actually live stream straight through your iOS device. This feature is called ‘replaykit live’. In the release of iOS 9 Apple announced replay kit which allows you to record an app that has the replay kit API built in to the app. Then you can edit the footage and share it with your friends or save it to your camera roll. In iOS 10 Apple has made an API that allows developers to intergrate replay kit live and allow users to stream to their favorite streaming service.

How exactly do you stream though? It’s pretty simple, first you need to find a game or app that supports replay kit live. You can find a pretty up to date list here. Once you’ve found an app or game that supports replay kit live simply press the live button in the app (some apps may be different) and choose the streaming service you want to stream from. Please note that you’ll need to install the 3rd-party streaming app like Mobcrush, Periscope, and others in order to start a broadcast. Once you’ve started a broadcast you can continue using the app/game like you normally would. As o right now Apple doesn’t allow features like chat so you can see what your viewers are saying; so unfortunately you’ll need to use another device to interact with your viewers. 

Replaykit live does protect your privacy so you don’t have to use your FaceTime camera or your microphone if you don’t want to. Any keyboard input or notifications you get while streaming won’t be viewable to your viewers. Which is pretty sweet so you don’t have to block your mom while streaming. There’s still a lot of potential for replaykit, and a lot of potential for mobile gaming to come.