Moga Hero. Console gaming to Mobile.

I recently ordered the Moga Hero Power Bluetooth Controller from Amazon and have tested it quite a bit. I was very satisfied with the quality and technology of the device. When I got it said that it has what is called “Moga BOOST™ Technology” which will actually charge your phone while you play. If you use the clip and open it with your phone, right underneath there is a USB end for a provided cord that will plug into your phone so that it will charge! Pretty neat, right!

Another great thing: I own an Amazon ™ Fire TV Stick and the controller successfully paired with it and I tested it on Terraria. It worked great without any delays or freezing. I also later tried it on my mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy Core Prime) and it was also great. I tried both mobile games Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Squad Wars. The controller worked perfectly! On Minecraft: Pocket Edition, I did have to turn up the sensitivity and it felt like I was playing on a console.

I loved my experience with this device and it was so cool and great that I would highly suggest this to anyone looking for this kind of controller. It isn’t too small, I compared it to my Playstation 3 controller and the width was about the same and likewise for the length. The depth was a bit smaller, but it helps you to reach other buttons better. The device can connect to up to 4 Bluetooth devices and switch between them which I thought was a great organization design. All in all, I thought it was a great deal and it had a 4-star average. I grabbed this for $15.49 on sale and it is $17.64 when it is regular priced. Overall it is a great price for the quality and features of it.