Simple but Useful. iRing.

Are you dropping your phone too much resulting in a cracked phone screen? I know at least 10 of my friends that have a cracked phone screens and this could have been resolved. I was recently watching a Mobcrush stream when someone brought to my attention the iRing. This is a great little feature for your iPhone or any other phone. This allows you to put a finger through a ring on the back of your phone to have more control over your phone making to harder to drop it. This will really help so you don’t end up like all your friends with there crashed phones!

This isn’t the only thing that the Iring does. The iRing is also amazing for an iPhone stand. This is awesome for playing games with a controller or watching Netflix in bed at night. Truly this is awesome because it can fold down so it even grooves the back of your phone so you have at least a little bit more grab on your phone. In all ask yourself if you really want that cracked phone like the friend sitting beside you at the moment. There is also accessories to the iRing where there are holders to maybe prop up your phone in the shower and or stand for while your working. Now I have noticed one bad thing about the iRing and I see that most of them don’t go on your phone case but on your actual phone. This can result in your phone being more vulnerable to have the screen broken if somehow you do drop your phone.

One of these last things is the pricing for the iRing is $19.99. So in all, they are all relatively pretty cheap but, then again you’re not getting a whole lot out of them.