The best 2D games on iOS

Have you ever wanted that old 2D style gameplay back into your hands? Well, you’re in luck because I have put together some amazing 2D games for you to try out. Now I would like to say that I have recently acquired a new phone so I did lose a lot of gameplay from my other phone, which I sadly do not have any longer.


Let me just start off with this game is amazing! It combines a runner with some amazing combat and powers. Now there isn’t tons of depth into the game but will keep you entertained for hours. The part of this game I think I enjoyed the most is you can either rush through it or stick to a level looking for secrete crystals and coins for hours. As I played further into the game I enjoyed how the game became much more difficult. This came with new monsters and obstacles to kill you (also came with me wanting to throw my phone a couple times). Overall I recommend this game and will say this game is worth every penny of the $2 I spent on it!

TERRARIA ($4.99)

Terraria is an open world building and survival game that has tons of gameplay. Now I have played a lot of this game in my day. Recently I have started playing this game again and I love it. The game makes me want to play for hours because I don’t know whether I’ll find a pyramid, a tree house, a dungeon, or etc. This game is truly a masterpiece and should have been designed for the mobile platform in the first place. Now this game does support a controller but I wouldn’t use it because this game is great with the touch controls. My favorite feature is when breaking blocks it creates a circle around you making it be as a radius for you to break blocks (making it so you don’t have to move every time you wanna break a block). Overall this is a very in detail game which I recommend greatly and is well worth your $5.


Wayward souls stands apart from all other 2D games I am writing about. This is because of its randomly generated worlds; which means you don’t ever know what you’re going to get. I will admit this is probably the game I played the least just because it was truly hard to understand. It didn’t explain very well what the objective of the game was and expected you to know what weird and unknown names of objects meant. This is clearly a game for the more advanced game players. I don’t know that I would put the time into learning what is the best forge for a tool or sword for the next room. I will admit it is graphically amazing but I want to know the objective of this game. I would assume I just didn’t put the 10 hours of gameplay that this game clearly wants you to put into it to understand the names and the different powers to use. Wayward Souls is priced at $6.99 and is an appropriate price just for one factor; the random generation of a world. This was probably my favorite feature about this game. Another thing I saw was when looking at the reviews a lot of people enjoyed this game. I did see one thing I didn’t like though and this was the fact that they aren’t consistent with their prices after updates. Overall I don’t know that it was worth my $7 but maybe if you want to put a lot of time into a game like this it is worth it for you.


Now this game is one of those games you may play for 1 minute or for a whole afternoon. This is because it is a runner (but with rope) and the objective is to land one (of two) ice climbers on another block of ice and so on. Now this can get hard because you have to time the landing just perfect. Overall if you have even 100mb of free space on your phone it is worth a try.

 LIMBO ($4.99) 

Let’s just start with Limbo is a phenomenal game. It is a runner but challenges your mind with its shadows and dark backgrounds. I think I truly used more of my brain power on this game than I did on anything else before. It is a great game from finding a way to kill a huge spider or where the rope is to get up a huge cliff. I can’t explain this game much more so I recommend you find $5 and buy this game because it is well worth it!


Now before we start to remember that this is a free game. Pixel Wizard is a game that really reminds me of a free version of Goblin Sword. Now the controls are harder to use and I don’t like them very well at all, but that’s okay because I can get used to them after a while. Now this game has many different levels that I didn’t have the chance to explore in full but seemed to have somewhat of a good story line. In all its a good game to try out but isn’t something I would play everyday or for a long period of time.

GEOMETRY DASH (Free or $1.99) 

Geometry dash might not remind you of any old 2D games that you may have played when you were younger. Don’t turn your back though it is still a great game to try out. I have the $2 version of this game and may I say my phone may have gone from one side of my room to the other.  Also, the music chosen for this game is amazing and will be stuck in your head for hours after gameplay. The graphics are another story and they are more than phenomenal. Now at the end of the day if you like some great music and some challenging levels you must try this game.

Here is a youtube video of all of these games as well!


Some other great 2D game titles are ones that I didn’t feel I would like. This is because I would be more of just saying its a terrible game in my opinion and move on. But others say it’s a great game and I can’t ignore that so make sure to take a look at these games yourself.

  • PEWDIEPIE Legend of the Brofist ($4.99) You really need to watch PewDiePie to understand this game.
  • Flappy Golf 2 (Free) its a great game but not enough depth.
  • TowerDash (Free) Is a great idea but I can only go up a cliff so long.
  • Agario (Free) This is one of my favorite games but I haven’t seen an update in a while.