Protect, Store, and Charge!

Wireless audio is becoming a more common thing nowadays and with wireless audio that means that it runs off a battery. As you may know batteries, especially in wireless devices don’t last very long and need a recharge. Powerbeats and other wireless headphones normally last for sixish hours then they die. Well, myCharge has made a product that will charge your wireless earbuds (PowerBeats) ten times! This product is the PowerGear Sound by myCharge.


The PowerGear Sound features a light indicator which shows you how much charge you have left. It also features a custom tray for the PowerBeats (can be removed to fit other brands) with a micro USB to charge your favorite wireless earbuds. This case features a charging station for your device, it also protects and stores your wireless earbuds. The case comes in Black with a small hint of red at the front of the device where the “myCharge” logo is.

When I first received the PowerGear Sound I was impressed how well the build quality is; From the pictures it seemed to be plastic that isn’t very sturdy. Well, I was wrong it is a type of Plastic but it’s extremely sturdy and is very well built. Whenever I opened the case to the inside everything was Red with some small hints of black which was very nice. There’s plenty of room to fit your PowerBeats and if you don’t have PowerBeats don’t worry. This case works just fine with other earbuds like Jaybird earbuds, work well too! You can actually remove the tray in the case and fit other earbuds that may be a bit bigger that won’t fit in the organizer tray.

For only $39.99  this case protects, charges, and stores your earbuds. This is a wonderful product and works extremely well with pretty much any wireless earbuds out on the market today. The PowerGear Sound great product to have especially if you’re someone that uses your earbuds a lot and need to charge them often. This case also works very well for people who tend to lose their earbuds a lot. This case helps you store the earbuds and help you from not losing your earbuds before every run. I’m not the only one saying good things about the PowerGear Sound. On the myCharge website, this product has a 4.9 out of 5 and people are loving their PowerGear. I think you’ll love the PowerGear as well if you have wireless earbuds.