Stay Powered with GearPower

We all/most of us have a smartphone these days and we use them quite often. We also use laptops, mobile gaming consoles,  tablets, etc. All of these mobile devices have a battery and most of them normally don’t even last a day. We use our devices to make phone calls, take photos, play games, edit an important paper, send emails, and more. Once the battery dies and needs a recharge most of us have to wait until we’re home or a place that has a charger for your device. That important phone call, email, or even text message will be missed and not receive until you can charge your device back up; don’t let this happen to you. With the GearPower from IOGEAR delivers 16,000mAh of battery to recharge your devices and will prevent you from missing that import phone call from your Mom.


When I first received the GearPower I was impressed how sleek and simple this product was. The very first thing that caught my eye when I first opened the box was light this thing was considering how much mAh it is and its size. When I first started using this product I realised how quick this battery pack actually charged up my iPhone 6S Plus. There are two USB ports one is 5 volts and 1 amp and the other USB port is also 5 volts but is 2.4 amps which this port charges your devices quicker and is meant for devices that have a much bigger and demanding battery. I charged my iPhone 6S Plus with this port and it did charge pretty quick and I forgot that my iPhone was plugged into a battery pack and not into a wall. If you’re someone that plays Pokemon GO like me or even some of my family members you probably go through your battery fairly quickly after an hour or two and need to recharge your battery to continue. It really sucks when your battery dies and there’s a Pikachu right there and you watch other players catch a Pikachu and you can’t because your battery is dead. Well, don’t worry if you get the GearPower you’ll have charge for many hours and you’ll be the person catching all the Pikachu’s while other players watch.

Besides having the charge for many of hours you can also charge up to two devices whether it be a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or even a USB fan you’ll have the charge for a while and will stay connect for a while. I’ve never managed to kill this battery to 0%. I’ve gotten it close but never killed it. Even after going downtown for hours and taking photos, video, and playing some games; whenever I come home I still managed to have a charge for more days to come without having to charge the battery for another adventure. The only downfall that I’ve found for this device is the charging time to charge the battery back up. It normally takes a couple fo hours to recharge back up. It mostly due to the massive battery that the GearPower has but it’s really worth it if you’re someone that goes on a long adventure or use your phone a lot. You’ll find out that having a battery that big will really help you.


For only $49.95 or $27.99 on Amazon (as of writing this) this is a really great product for anyone always need to charge up or just someone that would really like to have the extra charge just in case. I have to say I’m very impressed with IOGEAR and what they’ve done. The build quality and just how wonderful this product over all; is just absolutely astonishing.